20 year anniversary

Welcome to Logtool, your federal logistics website resource.

With help from you, we keep track of DoD and federal logistic websites. We strive to provide you with Total Asset Visibility (TAV) to empower you with timely and accurate information on the location, movement, status, and identity of your units, personnel, equipment, and supplies.

Logtool is a living, evolving website that falls firmly in the "other duties as assigned" category for the folks responsible for keeping it running and up to date.  For that reason, you may find tools, links, or other information assets that aren’t the latest and greatest. If you find something on the site that is out of date, or downright incorrect, please reach out to us with any updated information you may have. Keep in mind that we will vet the information through the site owners prior to publishing it to the Logtool site.


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